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AmSwede.Info and its sub domains publish cultural, family history and ancestral information from Sweden and North America. The AmSwede.Info sites contain historical photographs, oral histories, letters, and records supplied by the families. AmSwede.Info also includes materials from other writers and from public and private archives.

DO NOT RETRIEVE, COPY, EXPLOIT, OR USE ANY MATERIAL published on these sites without consent from AmSwede.Info. You may ask for consent by sending your request to copyrights@amswede.info. Copyrights include all material of amswede.info, family.amswede.info, other amswede.info sub domains or other copyright holders of donated material for this site. All rights reserved.

Many people have spent countless hours researching, documenting, archiving, and developing these sites. The objective and the intent is to provide insight into customs and traditions, preserve the history of loved ones, and to connect with “unknown” relatives and friends. The exchange of information often adds another piece to the ancestral puzzle or to spreading the understanding of various cultures and traditions.

At times, a document or a photograph may refer to "unknown" persons. Should you recognize a person, have any information about these photographs, have questions, or if think you are related, we would like to hear from you at family@amswede.info or contact the authoress at AmSwede.Info.

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